"The great composer Cy Coleman deserves this comprehensive, well-written, and fascinating account of an important career in the musical theatre."

Hal Prince, Tony Award-winning director and producer

"Cy Coleman is my idol! Although always unmistakably from the fingers and heart of Coleman, Cy could write in any style and always make it both entertaining for the masses yet tasty to we musicians. Reading Andy Propst's book is a wonderful way to relive all the pleasures of Cy Coleman's work."

Marc Shaiman, Tony Award-winning songwriter

"Andy Propst has written a biography that is as fascinating, bewitching, and colorful as Cy Coleman himself. Not only an intimate and honest look at the life of one of our most important popular songwriters, it also takes us along the hard road musicals have to travel before they get to Broadway, and the amazing odds against any one show being a smash. With several hits to his credit, including "I Love My Wife," which is the show I had the honor of working on with Cy, he more than earned his place in theater history. Andy captures Cy's drive, energy, joy, and immense talent in a book I could not put down."

Ilene Graff, actress

"This book captures the essence of one of the great composers of the American musical theater, Cy Coleman."

Marilyn and Alan Bergman, Oscar- and Grammy-winning lyricists

"Andy has written a book that will for sure become part of any music and theatre lover's collection. Cy was clearly one of the all-time great Renaissance men who traveled seamlessly from the pop world, to musical theatre, to jazz. Andy captures this "cool cat" of a man in one of the most enthralling and entertaining biographies I've ever read."

Will Nunziata, director

"You Fascinate Me So is an insightful and informative biography of Cy Coleman's life and career. I was a close friend of Cy Coleman's for many years and worked with him on the Broadway Musical "Seesaw." His honest reporting is extraordinary. Andy Propst has captured the essence of the Broadway Musical and the composer, Cy Coleman, who defined it! I highly recommend this book."

Lainie Kazan, actress

"Composer Cy Coleman was as fascinating as the dazzling string of hit songs and Broadway shows he created. Andy Propst's compelling biography captures both this multifaceted man and the creative journey he took - from 8 year old child prodigy performing at Carnegie Hall to night-clubbing jazz pianist to one of Broadway's greatest."

David Zippel, Tony and Academy Award-winning lyricist

"The chapter on City of Angels made me smile from ear to ear! Thank you Andy, for letting me in on all the stuff I didn't know, and for writing this long overdue book about our Cy with such love."

Randy Graff, Tony Award-winning actress

"Cy Coleman, genius composer, friend, and human, deserves this thoughtful and caring homage. Thanks to Andy Propst for sharing things about Cy I didn't know, always wondered about, or relish remembering!"

Dee Hoty, actress

"I never met a musician who didn't love playing a Cy Coleman tune. Those of us who were fortunate enough to know him and play with him will never forget his chops, humor, sassiness, hipness and the love he had for his fellow musicians. As far as deep cats go, Cy was one of the deepest. For those of you who never knew him, Andy's book is damn close to feeling like you're playing 'Witchcraft' with Cy himself."

John Miller - bass player/music coordinator